Leisure Activities

Creating Memorable Experiences

In addition to a traditional vacationing in a cottage Leppäniemi provides you with possibilities for fantastic activities according to the season and your own skills.
Catching fish and freshwater crab in different ways in great fishing waters
Harvesting the bounty of the forests – picking forest berries and wild mushroom
Hiking or just enjoying the primeval forest in the 7ha private nature reserve
Using the forest hut for BBQ or just for enjoying your snacks while exploring the forest
Using the beach campfire for BBQ or just for watching the flames while sitting with friends
Having a jog or hike through the maze of forest pathways and breathing in the fresh air
Smoking your catch of the day in one of the two available barrel grill/smokers
Playing badminton or volleyball
In the winter (weather allowing), skiing along the network of tracks along the frozen lake, fields and forest or ice-fishing (jigging), ice-skating or swimming in the frozen lake (on request).
Playful games with a medieval theme on the large grassland, pleasure cruises on the lake with a custom-built raft or playing a round of disc golf (frisby) on the 21-track forest/meadow course are surely the most memorable experiences on offer (further information below).

Please contact the owner for more information!

Fishing and Boating

Rowing boats are included in the rental of each cottage or villa. A variety of outboard motors of various sizes and motor boats especially suitable for fishing, are available for rent. It is also possible to fish directly from the jetties. Please contactthe owner for more information on fishing lessons and trips regarding a variety of fishing and gray fishing methods, including torch fishing as well as available motor boats and fishing permits. Tight lines!

Fantasy Fishing

Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat is in cooperation with Fantasy Fishing. Fantasy Fishing is a Finnish company specialised in fishing activities and handmade flies. The company offers guided fishing trips and additional services for both businesses and private persons. For example jigging trip with professional is possible to arrange between May to November. Please read more!

Härkälinna Disc Golf (Frisbee)

The golf course has received a lot of praise both for variety of terrain and length of the course (21 disc pole holes). Even the most advanced disc golfers can get a thrill with the challenges on offer. The disc pole holes 1-6 and 20-21 are suitable for beginners also, as the terrain is a combination of grassland and meadow. There is also a practice net for throws and warm up. By the pole hole 9, you can enjoy a well-deserved break in the BBQ hut. 

Disc golf is much like traditional golf, except that instead of a ball a disc (resembling a frisbee) is used and instead of aiming at a hole, baskets are the targets. Please ask for the disc golf rules for recreational play from the owner.

You can either rent discs, use your own or purchase discs from thew owner (Finnish Westside brand). 

Welcome to play and to enjoy the nature!

The Grassland “Game Arena”

Between the wooden castle and the lake there is a 2,5 hectare meadow in which there are medieval style equipment and constructions for competitions, that you can use with proper instructions. There is for example a Trebuchet-catapult, war of tugs, knives and axes to throw and other stuff for medieval games. Please contact the owner for specially arranged games, just for you and your party (at a fee).

Cruises on the Lake with Custom-Built Raft

Midnight sun cruises, parties of all sorts, fishing trips or just pleasure trips – just to name a few of the possible uses for the raft. The raft itself has:
Seating capacity for 12 persons per raft

Skilled skipper
Set up of the raft can be easily modified, i.e. tables can be moved to make space for a dance floor etc.
Canopy for rainy weather
Life jackets
Possibility for catering or to bring your own food
Possibility to combine two rafts together
Activity options such as fishing, sightseeing and dancing
Please contact the owner for further information.

Outdoor Hot Tubs for Rent

Why not relax in a heated hot tub for bathing outdoors while enjoying the scenery? There are two available tubs for rent, one with combustion engine for 6 persons and another one heated by wood for 8 persons.
Please contact the owner for further information.