Are you looking for additional experiences for your cottage vacation? Rent the smoke sauna preheated.

Härkälinna’s own underground smoke sauna is located on a hill below the castle.

We will preheat the sauna for you, so you can directly enjoy a multisensory experience. Candlelight, silence, scents, and warmth calm the mind and take you far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The roots of the smoke sauna extend far back in history, and in ancient times, it was described as a remedy and a source of strength for humans.

Heating the sauna is a precise task, taking approximately 6-8 hours in total.
This includes 4-5 hours of heating, ember removal, interim cleaning, stove heating, and “häkälöylyt”

The smoke sauna does not have a separate washing area. Washing takes place in Härkälinna’s shower facilities. In winter, you can enhance the experience by taking a dip in the snow.

The freezing limit for heating the smoke sauna is -10 degrees Celsius.

When making a reservation, please let us know your preferences for the date and time of sauna use. We can then discuss the details further.


190 / Per Instance / Per Accommodation