Did you buy final cleaning?

If so, great but please note that even if you have bought final cleaning, you will need to do these actions before checking out:

  • wash up all dishes and put them to their original places
  • take all rubbish out to the waste container. Please remember to ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the terrace, BBQ place, car park and grounds
  • take empty bottles/cans with you or leave thme in a plastic bag by the front door
  • put all furniture in their original places if you have moved them during your stay
  • take all your food with you
  • if you have used rented bed linen, please remove them from the beds and leave bed linen and towels on the top of the beds
  • when traveling with pets, please remember to clean up fur and after your pet in the surroundings
  • we expect the property to be in a normal condition after occupancy

Kindly note that You are responsible for the cleaning of the premises both during and after the holiday, unless you have placed the cleaning request. You will be charged for the cleaning in case the premises are not cleaned up to the standards mentioned in the Cleaning Instructions. The fee is based on the actual working hours required for the cleaning, with the hourly fee being 50€. The minimum charge is for one hour.

Final cleaning must be ordered in advance, no later than the day before departure.