Our address Leppäniementie 194, 14700 Hauho, Finland will lead you to an info sign, in front of the big yellow house. The road branches to the left as Utterintie and continues to the right as Leppäniementie.

Cottages located on Utterintie:

  • 8414 Karhunluola,
  • 8415 Oravanpesä

Cottages Crofts:

  • 8421 Ukko,
  • 8422 Tapio,
  • 8423 Aino,
  • 8424 Ahti,
  • 8425 Vellamo

8426 Härkälinna

Karhunluola ja Oravanpesä: Take Utterintie to the left for approximately 800 meters. On the right side of the road, you’ll find two large cottages side by side. Karhunluola is on the right and Oravanpesä is on the left.

Crofts: Take Utterintie to the left for approximately 600 meters, after which there is a sharp left turn. As you ascend the hill, Ahti is the lowest, followed by Aino, Tapio, and at the top, Ukko on the right side of the road. Vellamo is the only one on the left side of the road as you ascend the hill.

Härkälinna: Continue to the left Utterintie approx. 450m, then you will see Härkälinna high on the hill. Below there is a larger parking area. Before the parking area, the road turns sharply to the left, there you enter to the Härkälinna. A couple of parking spaces can be found on the side of the tower. The lane must leave free.

Cottages located on Leppäniementie:

8420 Kärkimökki

Cottages Berries:

  • 8416 Mustikka,
  • 8417 Puolukka,
  • 8418 Lakka,
  • 8419 Varpu

Kärkimökki: Continue to the right past the barn on Leppäniementie approx. 500m, to the end of the road.

Berries: Continue to the right past the barn on Leppäniementie approx. 450m, then turn to the right. Then you will see identical cottages in order from right to the left: Mustikka, Puolukka, Lakka and Varpu.


During the COVID-19 epidemic, we will open the doors before you arrive. The keys can be found on the cottage door.

If you have agreed cash payments, those will be paid to the big yellow house before going to the cottage.

At the end of your holiday you can leave the keys at the cottage door.

For all questions and other situations, please contact hirsihuvilat@hirsihuvilat.com or by calling to Jaakko +358400925077 or Tarja +358451389302 (also WhatsApp)

Please note that the area may have poor connectivity. If calls do not go through, please send an email or a message.

Enjoy your time in Leppäniemi!