Instructions for using a hot tub

Please familiarize yourselves carefully with these instructions if you have rented a hot tub from us.

  • NEVER LIGHT A FIRE IN THE STOVE OF AN EMPTY OR PARTIALLY FILLED TUB! This will cause the stove to melt. The tub must be sufficiently filled before heating. Always check the amount of the water in the tub before lighting a fire in the stove. The recommend water level in the tub is approx. 10-20 cm above the water pipe opening.
  • Heat the water up to a safe temperature. A good water temperature in a hot tub is 35-37 degrees Celsius. If the temperatures is higher than that it may feel uncomfortable. To ensure a pleasant bathing experience, under no circumstances should the water in the hot tub be heated to a temperature higher than 40 degrees Celcius. Take note of the time it take to heat the water. It normally takes approx. 3-4 hours to heat the water in a hot tub. However, the heating time may vary depending on weather the tub’s lid is on, how dry the firewood is and what the starting tempetature of the water is. The water heats up at a rate of approx. 10 degrees per hour.
  • Upon entering the tub, mix the water in the tub to allow the cooler water at the bottom to mix into the warmer water near the surface. –

Emptying/Changing the water after use

  • Do not drain the tub until the fire in the stove is completely out. The stove must never be hot when the tub is empty, as this will cause the stove to melt!
  • Empty out the ashtray.
  • Install the drainage hose into the hot tub and open the tap. Place the end of the hose as far away from the hot tub as possible to prevent water spray from digging holes in the ground. Leave the tap open.
  • When changing the water: close the drainage tap and let new water flow from the cottage’s washing machine faucet, put the washing machine hose back in place once the hot tub is full! (filling takes approximately 1.5 hours)
  • After the hot tub has emptied, also open the cap of the stove to allow water to drain from the stove.
  • Take particular care while draining the tub in the winter, as the water in the ub must not be allowed to freeze.


  • Be careful when stepping in and out of the tub. The area surrounding the hot tub may be slippery, especially in the winter, when the water that has spilled out of the tub freezes.
  • Pay particular attention to children getting in and out of the tub!
  • Do not allow children near the hot tub without supervision