Terms of booking

Leppäniemen Hirishuvilat apply the following terms and conditions to the leasing of cottages. These terms and conditions become binding on both parties once the client has made a reservation on the website, by e-mail or by telephone to Leppäniemi Hirsihuvilat

Booking and payment

  • The person making the booking must be of legal age at the time of booking (18 years or older).
  • The booking can be made online, in which case the booking confirmation will be sent to the client’s e-mail address immediately. The client must to pay the full price of the booking at once, in which case the confirmation, contact details of the owner or caretaker of the destination as well as driving directions to the location where the key will be handed over, or to the destination, will be sent to the client’s e-mail address immediately.
  • Bookings can also be made by contacting hirsihuvilat@hirsihuvilat.com. In this case, Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat will invoice the client via e-mail.
  • Any objections to the invoice must be made within 7 days of the invoice date.
  • The booking is confirmed when the full price of the booking is paid at once or when the deposit (25% of the rent for the destination included in the total price) has been paid by the due date.

Payment on the website

You can pay your booking by credit card. All prices include VAT and all payments are charged in EURO currency. Our payment is provided by authorized payment service providers Stripe

Stripe is a safe and easy way to pay. Your payment is processed directly on the Payments page meaning you will not be redirected to an external payment service. When you pay your order with Stripe, you agree to Stripe’s terms and conditions which you can find here. 


  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

Cancellation or change of booking

  • Any cancellations must be made to Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat by e-mail to hirsihuvilat@hirsihuvilat.com. The cancellation will be regarded as made at the time when Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat receives notification of the cancellation.
  • If a client cancels a booking, the deposit (25% of the price of the destination) will not be refunded.
  • If the cancellation is made less than 28 days before the start of, or during the stay, no payments made by the client will be refunded.
  • If the cancellation is based on the death, serious accident or illness of the customer or a close relative, the customer is entitled to a refund of the rent, except for the 25% booking fee. In this case, the cancellation must be notified as soon as possible and the reason for the cancellation must be reliably demonstrated to Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat (eg by an official medical certificate).
  • If the client makes changes to the booking (the destination, dates, extra services or number of persons), Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat has the right to charge 40€ to cover the cost of the changes. All changes must be made at least six (6) weeks before the start of the stay. Any changes made later than that will be treated as a cancellation of the previous booking and a subsequent new booking.
  • Customers are not entitled to a refund of rent if they do not occupy the destination or arrive late for their stay. If a customer interrupts the booked holiday and leaves the holiday destination before the end of the rental period, no compensation will be paid for the unused time and the customer is not entitled to a refund of rent.

Right of the owner to cancel a booking

  • Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat may cancel a booking in the event of force majeure. In that case, the client is entitled to a full refund of the sum paid to Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat. If a booking has to be interrupted because of disruptive behaviour on the part of the client or the client’s guest, no payments will be refunded.
  • If the client fails to pay or misses the payment deadline, Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat may cancel the booking without further notification.

Stay at the destination

  • The destination will be available for the client from 4p.m. on the day of arrival. The destination-specific time for checkout and handover of keys is mentioned in the booking confirmation or the driving directions page appended to the invoice. The client is required to check this information.
  • The rent includes the right to use the booked destination during the booked period. Standard energy consumption, furnishings, cooking utensils, tableware and cutlery, mattresses, blankets and pillows are included in the rent. Also firewood is included in the rent.
  • Personal toiletry, basic seasoning are not included in the rental price.
  • Bed linen and bath towels are not included in the rent. Guests must use bed linen. Bed linen and towels are available by order in conjunction with the booking, 10€/set.
  • Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat enforce a so-called quiet period at nighttime from 10p.m. to 7a.m. which clients must comply with.
  • The customer is responsible for cleaning at the destination during the rental period.
  • Smoking is not allowed indoors.
  • If you intend to bring any pets to the destination, you must notify about this when booking. Pets may only be brought to destinations which allow this. An additional fee for pets is 25€/stay.
  • Charging an electric car or a hybrid car is allowed only if this is explicitly mentioned in the description of the cottage. There is an additional charge for charging.
    Charging from other plugs is strictly prohibited. Fire hazard! We charge €200 for unauthorized charging. The renter is also obliged to compensate for other possible damages caused by charging.
  • The number of people using the destination must not exceed the number of beds stated in the description of the destination or the number agreed when the booking was made.
  • Any parties, festivities or other events where the maximum number of guests at the destination is temporarily exceeded, must be agreed in advance with the owner.
  • Tents and caravans or use of rented equipment such as hot tubs is not permitted at the site of the destination without the owner’s permission.

Obligations of the client and handover of the destination on the day of departure

  • The client will hand over the destination and its keys at 12 noon on the day of departure. If the client intends to leave at some other time, arrangements for the handover of keys and the return of the security deposit must be agreed well in advance with the owner.
  • The client is liable for any damages caused to the destination. The owner of the destination must be notified immediately of any damage caused. The client is liable to compensate to the owner for any damage caused.
  • At the end of the holiday, the client is responsible for cleaning the destination. Final cleaning service can be ordered when booking.
  • The final cleaning includes the following: washing of dishes and returning them to their original place, taking of garbage to the waste disposal point, removal of empty bottles and cans and arranging furniture as they were upon arrival. Food should be taken away or to the waste disposal point. Carpets, rugs and floors must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. The floors must be cleaned using a damp mop, tables and countertops wiped clean with a damp cloth, bedding aired outside as well as the sauna and toilet cleaned. The yard area and barbecue location must be left in a tidy condition. All final cleaning should be performed on the day of departure.
  • A separately ordered final cleaning service does not include washing of dishes, returning them to their original place or removal of garbage. Clients must also remove empty bottles and cans from the property and return any furniture to their original place. Any food must be taken away or to the waste disposal point. If the client rented bed linen and towels or they were included in the rental price of the destination, they must be left in a pile on a bed.
  • The destination must be left tidy on departure. The client is liable to compensate the costs of cleaning the holiday destination if guests have smoked indoors at the destination, or have not cleaned it, or the cleaning has not been appropriate and the caretaker/owner of the destination must carry out these chores before the next client arrives.

Force majeure

  • Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat is not liable for any damage or inconvenience caused to the client in the event of an unforeseen insurmountable obstacle (force majeure) or any other similar reason (including power failures, natural phenomena such as algae blooms or animals such as mice or insects) that was not caused by Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat and the effects of which Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat cannot reasonably be expected to have prevented.
  • Neither is Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused by regular natural phenomena.

Objections and complaints

  • Any objections and complaints regarding the destination must be made immediately directly to the owner thus giving the owner the possibility to rectify any mistakes.
  • If the client does not immediately report observed deficiencies to the owner during the rental period, the destination will be considered to have been in the agreed condition.
  • Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat is not responsible for refunding the customer for any complaints filed afterwards
  • Applicable law and venue for the resolution of disputes: The contracting parties will attempt to resolve any disputes out of court. If the negotiations do not result in an agreement, any disputes will be settled by the local court, (Tavastia Proper). The contract is governed by Finnish law.

If you have any requests during the holiday for the equipment or condition of the cottage, please contact the people of Leppäniemi by e-mail hirsihuvilat@hirsihuvilat.com or by calling +358400925077.

Don’t let your holiday go to waste for something or a minor bug that we can fix right away.

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